About infoaxe

Infoaxe is a Search Engine for your Web Memory, founded by two graduate students at Stanford University. With infoaxe, every page that you see on the Web gets added to your Personal Web Memory and is now searchable. No more manual bookmarking! Check out our FAQ and watch the intro video to get started with infoaxe!

If you have a strong background in Web Programming, Large Scale Systems Engineering and breathe Software Engineering best practices please do send us your resume at jobs@infoaxe.com for the chance to join an early stage startup about to revolutionize Search and Information access on the Web.

The Infoaxe add-on is an excellent remedy for people who have no idea how to search for their favourite things online. It brings forth an end to bookmarking, saving up your browsing history to your profiles, so that you can visit any website, any time, without actually carrying your computer with you. At the same time, it offers a ton of new recommendations on topics that you would really want to know more about. Plus, Infoaxe is easy to use, fast, and most importantly extremely convenient. It brings the World Wide Web, right down to your fingertips. So if you want to make the most of Infoaxe, simply make it your home page in the web browser of your choice), and change the way you search the web world.

Infoaxe, as the web says, is a personalized discovery search engine, an out of the box concept of searching, which recommends sites to you on the basis of your browsing history. With Infoaxe, you can always be sure of discovering the latest and most interesting websites on topics that you actually care about. The search engine goes on to make recommendations to you on topics of interest, and based on what you and all your friends like, creating a personal social media hub for each individual user. Also, at the same time, Infoaxe automatically saves all the pages that you have visited, and saves you all the added hassles of bookmarking, and 'Favouriting 'pages online- what more, you can actually do this from any computer with an internet connection! Isn't Infoaxe great?

Infoaxe suggests web pages to users, based on information the company has gathered on browsing habits. It does that by organizing the pages in its system around interests -- things like cars or cooking -- and then serving them to people interested in those things. Infoaxe ranks pages using a number of different signals - like gauging how interesting a video is by how long people spend watching it - to create a custom feed of Web pages for each user. That idea - giving people the content they're in the mood for right at that second -- is why Infoaxe has huge potential to take over what is known as Web discovery -- how people find web pages that they haven't explicitly searched for, on Infoaxe or otherwise.

Discovery on social networks ( apart from Infoaxe) is premised on the idea that you must like exactly the same stuff as all of your friends. On the other hand, if Infoaxe can deliver on its promise of getting relevant content to users right at the moment they're interested in it, it might capture significant market share.

The more topics you follow on Infoaxe, the more recommendations Infoaxe get based on the same. With around 3000 topics to choose from on Infoaxe, covering a wide selection of interests so that everyone finds something that they can relate to, Infoaxe usage is relatively easy.

Your web history synchronized, searchable and portable across all computers and browsers you use, all with infoaxe. Take it wherever you go- that's what makes Infoaxe so awesome!

In recent technological developments in the world in the past decade, Infoaxe can be considered somewhat of a tech marvel. With its host of interesting features, and unique aspect of being a personalized discovery-based search engine, Infoaxe is here to make a mark. But with its system of recommendations, and substitution for bookmarking, that is hardly a surprise. The chief USP of the plug-in does not lie in its intuitive method of searching or its visually appealing interface- In fact; the most important feature of the Infoaxe toolbar is its relatively unknown Web History Search option.

Ever had to carry your laptop around, because you want to use a part of an old website you had visited as a part of your presentation? Needed to go fact-check a website but couldn't do so because you were not at home? Now imagine this, what if you could access your browsing history anywhere and anytime? That's how Infoaxe comes in.

Infoaxe's web history search option does all this, and a lot more. It solves the problem by making your browsing history available from any computer with an internet access, without the inconvenience of physically carrying a computer with you at all times. Plus, Infoaxe is completely safe, making it impossible for anyone to publicly access your private browsing data (which is stored in the Infoaxe servers) without your permission. However the icing on the cake lies in the fact that you can manually toggle Infoaxe's Web History Search option for entire browsing sessions. It can't get any better than that now, can it? That's Infoaxe for you.

To sum up, like the official Infoaxe website quotes, the option simply lets you remember all the great websites you visit, with the added benefit of making you recommendations on the basis of your browsing history. For more queries about Infoaxe, one can always hit up an email to the official Infoaxe team, by sending one at support@infoaxe.com anytime. With Infoaxe, the world just gets better. Try Infoaxe, and try it today!